Wedding Planning Notion Template

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Get your perfect wedding companion.

Overview Dashboard:

  • A central location to view and access all aspects of the wedding planning
  • Includes quick links to budget planning, checklist, guest list, wedding day timeline, and honeymoon planning
  • Allows to track the progress of tasks, expenses and deadlines
  • Option to share the dashboard with the wedding planner, vendors, and/or partner for real-time collaboration

Budget Planning:

  • Create a budget breakdown for all wedding expenses, including venue, catering, photography, florals, etc.
  • Set a total budget for the wedding and track expenses to stay on budget
  • Identify areas where cost-saving measures can be taken
  • Prioritize expenses and allocate funds accordingly


  • Over 85 ready made tasks to ensure all aspects of the wedding planning are covered
  • Tasks are organized by timeline, so you always know what to do next
  • Set deadlines and reminders for important tasks
  • Option to customize and add additional tasks as needed

Honeymoon Planning:

  • Research and compare honeymoon destinations
  • Create a budget for the honeymoon and track expenses
  • Organize travel itinerary, including flights, accommodations, and activities
  • Coordinate with travel agent or book directly as needed
  • Make arrangements for time off work and any necessary documents (passport, visa, etc.)

Guest List:

  • Create a list of guests to invite, including contact information and RSVP status
  • Organize guests by category, such as family, friends, and plus-ones
  • Keep track of guest count and budget accordingly
  • Option to add additional guests or make changes as needed

Wedding Day Timeline:

  • Create a detailed schedule of events for the wedding day, including start and end times
  • Coordinate with vendors and wedding party to ensure a smooth flow of events
  • Option to make changes and adjustments as needed
  • Share the timeline with key members of the wedding party and vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page.
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Pre made wedding planning task list for you to have a stress-free wedding organisation and enjoy your day. Save on const for a wedding planner with this master template.

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Wedding Planning Notion Template

0 ratings
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